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Your Life Coach & Motivational Speaker of South Africa

Do you remember when you used to wake up excited, happy and inspired about starting the day? If those memories are distant ones, now is the time to find out what you desire most out of life!!!

I invite you to team up with me, Marcel D'Allende as your collaborative partner and help you create an Inspiring, Happy, Authentic life that motivates and excites you.

My passion is empowerment and
transformation of women! 

My commitment to you as your Life Coach is to support you to reconnect with your essential Self and live the life you dream of.

I utilize a unique advanced methodology called Consciousness Coaching ® that creates shifts in your consciousness,empowering you to influence your destiny and create the future you choose to design. Meditation is also an essential part of transformation and personal development for women.

Aceso Wellness invites you to consider that

  • You are whole and complete as you are,
  • Your choices you made in the past were based on your consciousness level,
  • Your choices you will make in your future will be based on your level of consciousness

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  Unconscious Mind Thinking Behavior/Action Result/Outcome
  • You can influence your consciousness (waking mind) and become aware of the things you
    are currently not aware of. Consider that 90% of where we operate from is our subconscious
    (unconscious mind) and only 10% from our waking mind. Imagine you can influence
    this 90% by e.g. letting go of limiting beliefs, transforming your relationship to
    experiences/situations, by creating something from nothing instead of trying to fix the past.
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Greek Goddess of the healing process. She represented the process of curing rather than the cure itself...
The key to a really successful retreat experience is the setting! It needs to provide a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere....
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Life Coaching is a powerful, yet simple process. It enables you to focus firmly on your passions and goals...
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