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Corporate Workshops   

The Best Corporate Workshops South Africa Has To offer

Corporate Workshops in South Africa are custom designed to suit the needs of the organization / audience. This could vary in length and could be in the form of a 1 hour motivational talk or ½ - full day workshops.

Whether your organization or department's priority is to energise, motivate, inspire or rebuild your team, we deliver the following services and if these do not meet your needs, we custom design accordingly!

Executive coaching:-  

This could be individual coaching sessions or Team / Group Sessions. Group sessions should not exceed 6 members at a time.

Motivational Talks/Events:-  

Motivational talks are custom designed to address the hot topics/issues in the teams / organization.We also address the following topics as standard motivational talks;

Positive Communication – when we finally understand the Power of our Word and how it can positively or negatively impact ourselves and our co-workers, we build better relationships at work and in our personal lives. 
Positive vs Negative thinking
 – the old cliché 'When life gives you lemons, make lemonade' comes to mind.  Imagine the positive environment and success in your organization when your employees start relating to every challenge as an opportunity for growth instead of another setback?

We also specialize in Woman's Month motivational events. See our testimonial page for feedback from satisfied clients.

Communication improvement Project:-

360 degree communication feedback – Self and Peer analysis with specific attention to communication and team building skills

Individual coaching feedback sessions – We ensure that no person leaves a feedback session feeling disempowered!

Acceptance and Tolerance Workshop – We create awareness about the masks we wear at work, the filters we look through and how it affects our interactions with others and develop new communication strategies that work for all.

Leadership and Integrity Workshops:-

Unleashing the leader in you is about identifying your unique leadership skills and bringing it forth by taking responsibility for it.

Integrity in the workplace is fundamentally lacking and understanding and living in integrity not only brings about positive results for the individual (on a personal and work level), but also gets the organization to soar to different heights.

Many organizations find it beneficial to cover the workshop or motivation speech topics in more detail with individual coaching.  Coaching can provide benefits not available elsewhere. One of the big benefits of a coach is that they aren't tied to the organization, your friends, or anyone else. They are tied to you only, so they support what you want and where you want to go and in the long run, coaching benefits both the individual's effectiveness and the success of the organization.

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