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How I Work   
Tell me about yourself by completing the Life Coaching Initial Questionnaire  I shall contact you and we'll make a short appointment to talk in detail about how Consciousness Coaching can benefit you. I shall explain the methodology and deal with your most pressing questions or obstacles.  

This first induction session is FREE and non-binding!  

What if I find that Consciousness Coaching® is not for me?

No problem, you’ll be under no obligation to continue with coaching! Sometimes it’s worth just planting the seed of possibilities which later germinates into your beautiful life.

If you decide that Consciousness Coaching® is for you,  you will determine which coach package is best for you and then we schedule an appointment for the first session. I shall provide you with an agreement which must be signed before the first session commences.

First Session:

We discuss your goals and talk about where you would like to start focusing your energy. This is referred to as setting the cycle objectives i.e. what do you want to achieve over a period of time?
After the first session, you will have a greater sense of clarity, a clear vision of what you want to change / improve and a powerful context which will leave you feeling inspired, excited and motivated about the process.  

Scheduling of sessions:
I recommend that you commit to a weekly session and to assist you with your commitment, I encourage you to maintain the same time slot every week. I invite you to consider that this single factor is why most of us give up on our goals without the support of a coach.

YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!….consider this as your “me-time”, an investment of time and dedicated space to design the life you want to live.


90% of my coaching sessions are done via SKYPE.  This is an effective way of working and supports you to manage your time. You only have to commit to 1 hour a week! The comfort of your home or office creates an ideal space for you to step into creation without external frustrations.

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Greek Goddess of the healing process. She represented the process of curing rather than the cure itself...
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Life Coaching is a powerful, yet simple process. It enables you to focus firmly on your passions and goals...

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