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Is Coaching For Me?   
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Almost anyone who is ready to stop doing what doesn’t work and start doing something that does, benefits from coaching!

Using the wheel of life to guide you, reflect on the following questions in all aspects of your life.

Where am I not operating at maximum power?

Where do I want to experience a positive change?

Where do I feel stuck?

Where do I feel bored?

Where am I experiencing inertia?

Where am I not in full self expression?

Where do I need some clarity?

If there is any aspect of your life where you are not operating at your full potential or experiencing flow in your life and you are ready to step into your true power, then COACHING may be just what you need. 

Take a risk, and get a new perspective—
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The key to a really successful retreat experience is the setting! It needs to provide a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere....
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Greek Goddess of the healing process. She represented the process of curing rather than the cure itself...

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