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Freedom & Passsion Workshop

I invite you to consider that most of us are not clear on who we are and what truly excites and motivates us. And the impact on our lives is that we are bored, un-happy and frustrated because we have everything we think we need, but we still 'feel' something is amiss. Or un-happy and frustrated because we think we need to get more things in place before we can actually have / live a vision. Our professional coach in personal develpment and transformation is there to eradicate the un-happiness and frustation you have been suffereing from.

Passion is ENERGY, a driving force that propels you forward. You FEEL the power that comes from focusing on what makes your soul smile.

Do you wonder why you keep on experiencing the same situations again and again? Painful or problematic relationships, health problems, money complications, work challenges?                        

Do you feel too drained and tired to set new goals? 
Do you allow negativity from past experiences influence how you live now?
Do you feel like you’ve lost your mojo… forgotten who you really are?
Do you want to stop existing and start living?

If your answer to ANY of these questions is 'yes', then this Workshop is for YOU!

Imagine what would be possible if you had clarity on the lessons of your journey? Imagine living your life with freedom and purpose. The Freedom & Passion Workshop is a two-day workshop followed by a one-month support process, designed to support your journey back to your Self. Your journey towards the life you are meant to live.


Day 1: “Back to the Future” (5-6 hours)

On day 1, you will assess and gain clarity on where you are in life, inquire into possible areas you may be stuck, and identify negativity, or 'energy zappers'.
There will be practical exercises to help you let go of what's holding you back, introduce you to the process of forgiveness and shine a light on the 'story' you didn’t know was running your life.

Day 2: “Freedom” (5-6 hours)
Day 2 will help you gain clarity on who you truly are, what your purpose is, and what matters to you most. You will gain clarity on the fears that are preventing you from actively pursuing a life you dream of. You will have the opportunity to develop a powerful vision for your life, and set goals, should you want, to support you to be your best self.

PART TWO: Implementation Period (Optional) 

This is one-month period during which you will be provided with support systems to keep you motivated and accountable for integrating your workshop outcomes into your life.

Some testimonials from others who attended Freedom & Passion:

"Marcel's workshops are Marcel marvelous! She will inspire, renew and ensure you leave empowered and in charge of your own destiny! Best part - she walks your journey with you - cheering along the sidelines as your biggest fan! Highly recommended." - Sarah Williams Mundy

"I really enjoyed your workshop in Cape Town. Thanks for an inspiring, life-changing and empowering workshop. Your workshop provided me with answers to so many of my challenges in life. For the first time in years I am learning to embrace the concept self-love. I wish I’ve done the workshop earlier. It would have saved me lots of tears and heartache." - Melanie Johnson

"I have attended a few of Marcel’s workshops and been on one retreat, and always without doubt I feel awakened, renewed and energised. Marcel is a very enabling and empowering facilitator, the workshop material and tools are simple to understand and apply, yet it is very powerful once digested and applied in daily life. One always walks away with a nugget, a little bit of strength and wisdom that you didn’t know you had but that surfaced during the workshop and process. I also love the safe and warm loving space Marcel creates in her workshops for women to share, grow and love." - Sheron Davids

"Every time I am in any one of Marcel's workshops the pennies drop, aplenty aha moments are inevitable. I am always closer to finding more of the missing pieces to the puzzle. You arrive with whatever you think you know and have and you leave with a wealth of beautiful Self knowledge and it's fun getting to know yourSelf better in this fashion. Thank you Marcel:-)" - Porchia F. Sprague

"I would strongly recommend this workshop to you, having attended part one of the Cape Town workshop on 6 July. Also by us sharing we empowered and motivated each other take action in our own lives in similar areas. Often were made aware of similar situation in our own lives we didn’t give any thought or recognition for existing. The next step of this journey we are taking now is even more empowering. We are reaching goals we didn’t even think of or simply didn’t bother setting for ourselves. Awesome and empowering. Feel the freedom!" - Michelle Collison 


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