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Spiritual Retreats Can Help You Rediscover Yourself

Life is busy- fast paced, constant change, stressful and generally just a little more crazy than it used to be. Stress and overcrowded cities have negative effects on our bodies and minds and can ruin our health unless we take the occasional break from it.

But is a traditional holiday enough of a break?

The latest trend in holidays is wellness holidays where the focus is on the Whole – i.e. Body, Mind and Spirit. Traditional annual holidays are normally a short-lived relaxation whereas the benefits of wellness holidays last long after the suntan has faded.

Why Book a Life Coaching Retreat?

If you are feeling that everything's on top of you, you're unsure what to do next and have run out of answers it's probably time to book your Life Coaching Retreat with us.

Our Life Coaching retreats for women are unique because we incorporate Life Coaching both during and after the retreat experience. In addition to it our yoga, spiritual, wellness and meditation retreats are also there to give peace to your body. We appreciate that a significant life changing experience can be challenging once you immerse yourself into your normal routine at home. To keep you connected with your vision and goals, we offer free follow-up coaching sessions as part of your retreat package. 

Life coaching offers a non-judgmental and dynamic relationship in which you take control of your destiny and discover who you are through your values, passions and goals. A Life Coach is trained to ask powerful questions that facilitate soul searching and honest answers that come from within you.  At Aceso Wellness we believe that our clients are creative, resourceful and whole – and don't need to be "fixed."  We challenge you to dig a little deeper, to empower your unique character and to claim your talents and purpose.

What makes a good Life Coaching Retreat?

The key to a really successful retreat experience is the setting! It needs to provide a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere without the difficulties and stresses of everyday life. It should be comfortable and easy going, where the welcome is warm and friendly, isn't difficult to get to and offers an interesting cultural history where you can really relax, view your life from a distance, leave all your worries behind and begin to think clearly.

Holistic holidays leave you feeling refreshed and in balance.

Try a new approach to holidays and experience the long lasting positive effects on your body, mind and spirit.

The key to a really successful retreat experience is the setting! It needs to provide a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere....
Motivational speaker for women
Life Coaching is a powerful, yet simple process. It enables you to focus firmly on your passions and goals...

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