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ACESO Wellness Holiday Packages:

We offer three unique types of retreats for all wellness holiday lovers.  

1) Barefoot Yoga & Consciousness Retreats (Groups)

 Consciousness Coach

For yoga lovers who wish to immerse themselves in yoga in exotic locations, we recommend our Barefoot Yoga & Consciousness Retreats. 

This Wellness Retreat is a powerful combination of Consciousness Expanding Workshops, daily Yoga and Sadhana practice. These retreats are held in exotic locations all over the world which will leave you feeling relaxed, inspired, moved and touched to return to your life with new life tools. 

Expand beyond the limits and get in touch with what your heart most desires for you- to connect deeply with Self, with nature and others.

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Life Coach South Africa

2) Gordon's Bay (Cape Town) Life Coaching Retreats

Life Coaching retreats are available either on a one-on-one basis or as part of a group, seize the opportunity and re-treat yourself with the most effective holiday you ever had before, and where better than on the beautiful False Bay Coast in South Africa?  These retreats are custom designed based on your needs and wants.

Life Coach


Personal Development

3) Couples Recharge Retreats (7 days) Zanzibar

Spiritual retreats

This retreat is for couples who want to keep the energy of passion going or rekindle the passion in their relationship. To maintain a healthy long term relationship, it's important to keep the romance alive.  It does not necessarily mean there is anything wrong with your relationship, even the healthiest union can benefit from a recharge!  It could also mean you are willing to do the work necessary to deepen the commitment, communication and intimacy you both share.

Package includes:
  • All inclusive accommodation at a Trip Advisor award winning resort 
  • Daily Intention Meditation
  • For Couples / Individual Life Coaching Sessions customized for your specific needs
    • Gain clarity about what you really want from your relationship.
    • Gain clarity about what passion and romance looks like for YOU in your relationship.
    • Discover specific techniques that will help you communicate better.
    • Put a structure in place which ensures that you will keep the romance alive.
    • Be trained how to set boundaries which empowers you in the relationship.

Retreats Zanzibar
Yoga Retreats

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